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The Berean Christian Support Group offers a support group for those who want to supplement their existing PSP. By signing up for our support group, you can join our extracurricular activities without having to join our school. These extracurricular activities are designed to meet the needs of a family with students of varied ages. See what we are planning this school year, check out our upcoming events. 

What is included when you join our support group:

- Field Trips
- Park Days
- Monthly Day Class Offerings
- Monthly newsletter
- Reading Program


Program costs just $25 per family a year! 

By joining the support group you are not enrolling in Berean Christian Private School Program. Learn more about enrollment, here.




Monthly Day Classes are offered by Homeschooling A la Carte. This classes are spesifically designed to enrich your homeschool learning experience regardless of your students age or grade. The objective is to get the whole  family learning together alongside other homeschool families. Most classes are held at Mile High Pines Camp in Angelus Oaks or at Redlands Christian Center in Redlands, CA. You can find more information about the class content and where the class is held at the Homeschooling A la Carte link above. All adults are free and the first student is $15 additional students are $10. Berean families can receive special discounts. Please indicate that you are a part of the Berean support group or PSP when signing up. You can sign up by calling Christine Fulmer at 909.289.5695, emailing


September 29th and 30th

at Mile High Pines Camp 

Tree Class


October 28th

at Mile High Pines Camp

Noahs Ark Class 


November 18th

at Mile High Pines Camp

Colonial Life Class 


December 2nd

at Mile High Pines Camp

Christmas Around the World Class 



January 27th

at Mile High Pines Camp

Astronomy Class


March 24th


Creatures Great and Small Class


April 21st 


Human Physiology Class 


May 19th

at Mile High Pines Camp

California History Class 



​October-Reading Program

When: January 15th-March 31st
Description: Participate in the reading program and have your students rewarded for their time with their nose to the page. The reading program is a simple record tracker. When your student completes time blocks reading they can record it to earn prizes and awards at the Promotion and Graduation Ceremony. They will also be able to present their reading program projects at your family display table on the same night. We hope you will take part in this rewarding program. Print your time logs here!

Cost: Free for Berean PSP or Support Group Members.

MAY-Homeschool Family Camp

When: May 24th - 27th, 2013
Where: Mile High Pines camp. Get directions.
Description: ​Wouldn't it be great if your whole family could get away for a week without textbooks and without distractions? We think so. We know that a week at camp can give you and your family life-long memories. This investment will not only be a unique way to get involved with your kids but it will also be a time to grow stronger as a homeschool family.
Sign up here.

Cost: starting at $60-$90 for children and $120-$180 for adults.

Annual Events 




October 27th, Pumpkin Patch

Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch

October 27th, 2014

Cost: $11 per persom (Limited space available so sign up early).


Its our annual trip to the pumpkin patch! Come and ride in a tractor pulled wagon and learn about how they run the farm. Learn about the many different kinds of pumpkins grown on the farm, feed the barnyard animals, play on the hay castle and take home your very own baby pumpkin, this year we will also be able to enjoy the Giant Corn Maze! You are welcome to stay and enjoy the picnic grounds and shop after the tour.


Coming Soon



Coming Soon





Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Coming Soon


More Events


Graduation and Promotion Ceremony


When: To be announced
Where: To be announced
Description: Every June, we gather as a body of Christian homeschoolers to celebrate the accomplishments of parents and students in Berean Christian School. The ceremony is part celebrating what promoting students have learned both academically and in their character, and a culmination ceremony for graduates. The cap and gown ceremony honors students. We encourage families of graduates to invite friends to the ceremony and join us for a potluck at the conclusion. Sign-up, here.​

Park Days 

Monthly Park Days 


2nd Monday of every month at 1pm


Park days will be a time where moms gather for discussion on varied homeschool topics sometimes lead by a guest speaker. Students will be engaged in craft making (geared toward elementry students). It's a great time of fun and fellowship. We typically gather at a park in Redlands, Ca. For more infomation, message us.  

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