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Books can be read aloud to the student.

For every ten minutes the student reads, a box must be initialed.
   The students may use as many booklets as they would like.
All Reports and Project points will not be added until May 15th.
The reading program will end May 15th at which time this booklet as well as any projects or reports must be mailed into Christine Fulmer our extracurricular administrator. Final awards will be given on Promotion Day in June.

  Every Time Box is worth 1 pts.
  Book Reports are worth 5 pts.
  Book Projects are worth 10 pts.

   Book reports: a paragraph and drawing can be submitted about any and or every book read to receive an additional 5 pts. See Card details below*
   Book project: ex. if the student reads about birds and makes a bird feeder, they can earn an additional 10 points. A index card of the book and picture of the project must be turned in by May 15th!
*Your card must be written as follows:
  Name of Student
  Book Read
  Author of Book
  Short Description of Book
  Short Description of Project Created

  Preschool-1st Grade
  2nd-4th Grade
  5th-6th Grade
  7th-9th Grade
  10th-12 Grade


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